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Our Culture

We’re here to help our guests discover a sense of EN.
That’s why we treat each guest like a dear friend,
helping them take home a memorable experience.
That’s why we stay curious about our neighborhood.
That’s why we work as a team, and help each other out.

Who we are looking for!

People with interest / experience in service industry!
Curious explorers!
Team players!


General Hotel Operations

Check-in, Check-Out, Pay Desk, Restaurant Service, Chef, Cleaning, etc.
*Managerial positions may be available depending on your professional experience


Fukuoka Area

Working Condition

Employment Type:Full-time employee & Part-time staff
Working hours:8-hour Shifts
(Receptionists will have 16-hour overnight shifts, few times a month)
Holidays:8-9 days a month (Shift system)

Qualification Requirements

High School Graduate or above. No prior experience required. English / Chinese / other language speakers are welcomed!

*Starting salary will be determined individually, based on professional experience, ability, work locations, etc.

We will get back to you soon!


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Employment Type


Shibuya, Fujisawa, Kyoto and others.
(We have hotels across Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Please check the hotel list below if you prefer other areas)

HokkaidoNiigataIbarakiTokyoKanagawaShizuokaKyotoOkayamaHiroshimaFukuokaOkinawaAny area

*Please make sure that your CV includes details of your professional experiences and other qualifications.

List of our Hotel


  • EN HOTEL Shibuya (Tokyo)
  • EN HOTEL Fujisawa (Kanagawa)
  • EN HOTEL Kyoto (Kyoto)
  • EN HOTEL Hiroshima (Hiroshima)
  • EN HOTEL Hamamatsu (Shizuoka)
  • EN HOTEL Hakata (Fukuoka)

Court Hotel & Valie Hotel

  • Court Hotel Asahikawa (Hokkaido)
  • Court Hotel Niigata (Niigata)
  • Court Hotel Mito (Ibaraki)
  • Court Hotel Shin Yokoyama (Kanagawa)
  • Court Hotel Kurashiki (Okayama)
  • Court Hotel Fukuoka Tenjin (Fukuoka)
  • Valie Hotel Hiroshima (Hiroshima)


  • Re-cove Hakone (Kanagawa)
  • Kumejima Eef Beach Hotel (Kume Island, Okinawa)
  • Hotel East China Sea (Ishigaki Island, Okinawa)