EN(縁) means “human connection” and “fateful ties.”

As a hotel, we want to be a place where new curiosities are aroused,
where guests are inspired to make unexpected discoveries through authentic local experiences.

We want to be the kind of place where our guests develop a sense of EN (emotional bond) with their destination.

Excellent access in a tourist location.
Get to know more about the area and experience more of its charms.
Let's go on your own trip with EN HOTEL.

Enjoy an extraordinary experience.
True healing of the mind and body can only be obtained through contact with nature.
One and only experience with EN RESORT.

EN JourneyWhenever you go, Somewhere is in peak season!

No matter what theme you choose for your trip, each place you visit will show you local cultural essence and seasonal color because each region of Japan has its own unique culture.
Because our hotel and resort are located from north to south, somewhere is always peak season to travel.
Why don't you travel with us?