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What we can do to create a sustainable society?

We are committed to improving not only the natural environment but also the local communities and economies in which we live.

Sustainability means “to be able to continue” and “to continue”.

We will start with what we can do now.

As a member of the island ―――Kumejima EEF Beach Hotel

Kumejima Island in Okinawa Prefecture is said to have originated from “Kumi no Shima,” the most beautiful island in Okinawa, and even today, there are many beautiful landscapes where rich nature and human life coexist.
The hotel faces EEF Beach, selected as one of the 100 best beaches in Japan, with its blue ocean and white sand shining in the sun. As a member of the island community with a population of 7,000, the hotel is involved in a variety of activities.

  • Beach cleanups at EEF Beach and Hate-no-hama beach
  • Sponsorship of local festivals and events
  • Acceptance of Kumejima High School students for internships
  • Participation in local charity events
  • Locally produced and locally consumed restaurant menus

Connecting with the community ―――EN HOTEL

EN HOTEL is a hotel brand that connects you to the land you visit. In Japanese, the relationship between people and things is called “EN”.
We not only boost local tourism by providing local information and encouraging guests to discover the charms of the area but also participate in various initiatives in the local community.

  • Participates in Mame-Eco Project to Reuse Coffee grounds(EN HOTEL Kyoto)
  • Donation to the Gion Festival (EN HOTEL Kyoto)
  • Participation in the Orizuru Regeneration Project(EN HOTEL Hiroshima)
  • Participation in Hiroshima Kimono Play(EN HOTEL Hiroshima)
  • Sponsorship of the Ume Festival (Court Hotel Mito)
  • Cleaning and snow removal around the hotel (Court Hotel Asahikawa)

Environmental Initiatives

Plastic Reduction

All hotels have stopped providing amenities in guest rooms and have replaced them with amenity bars where guests can take only what they need.
In addition, brushes, which are one of the most consumed amenities, are now packaged in recycled paper to further reduce environmental impact.

paperless check-in

80% of hotels have installed paperless check-in. Check-in procedures are now completed on tablets, significantly reducing the use of paper.
The remaining hotels are planning to switch to paperless check-in.

In addition, by using QR codes to view the hotel’s terms and conditions and facility information online, the number of information sheets handed out at the front desk and guest room information booklets has been reduced to a minimum, eliminating unnecessary paper printing.

Efficient use of energy

In addition to saving electricity and water, we are striving for efficient energy use by encouraging ECO cleaning and non-exchange of linens on consecutive nights, and gradually upgrading to LED lighting.

Some of our hotels have set up local shared bike ports and offer bicycle rentals, which also contributes to low emission tourism.

locally produced and consumed

Savoring local delicacies is a great part of traveling.
We will provide meals using locally grown ingredients purchased from local suppliers. We have also begun new initiatives to reduce food loss, such as purchasing substandard vegetables from local farmers, distributing them to each hotel through the group hotel network, and holding special fairs.

  • Kumejima EEF Beach Hotel
  • Re COVE Hakone
  • EN HOTEL Fujisawa

Toward a Diverse and Inclisive Society

We are actively recruiting foreign employees.
Our guests come from all over the world with diverse backgrounds. We, who welcome our guests, are not bound by nationality, but rather, by the ideas and perspectives of each individual, we will strive to create better hotels and provide better services.


We support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
The SDGs are specific goals to be achieved by 2030 for a sustainable and better world.
They consist of 17 goals and 169 targets.
They were unanimously adopted at the UN Summit in 2015.