When we think of Ise,
we think of the ISE JINGU Shrine.
This has never changed,
and perhaps never will.

With a history of more than 2,000 years, Ise Jingu Shrine is a place that every Japanese has heard of.
In the Edo period (1603-1867), at its peak, 5 million people visited the shrine annually. In 2013, a record 14 million people visited.

If you go there, you will experience why it is the strongest power spot in Japan, which has attracted many people since ancient times.

A morning visit to ISE JINGU

Visiting the Ise Jingu Shrine in the morning when no one else is around is also a very sobering experience.
You cannot experience this unless you choose to stay at Ise.

Getting to know Ise Jingu more deeply

It is also interesting to learn more about Ise Jingu Shrine by visiting the shrine with a guide.

If you want to know a little trivia about Ise Jingu, this is another recommended way to visit the shrine.

Is it true that no attraction other than ISE JINGU?

“Ise is a place where stores are hard to find at night.” - this is also what I heard before visiting Ise and I took it for granted that this was true.
In fact, stores around ISE JINGU Naiku (Okage Yokocho) actually close in the evening.

Searching for the answer.

But after we gain the opportunity to open our hotel in Ise and visiting Ise in preparation, I found many more attractions of Ise than just the Ise Jingu Shrine.

It is a small town, but it has power because it is a small town.I could catch a glimpse of the warm connections between people.Even the stores are well-lit and welcoming to customers.

The manager of a bar politely gave me some recommendations on how to spend my time in the Kawasaki area.

The manager of a fully booked restaurant said, "Sorry - it's full. If you want to go nearby, this is the place to go! Tell them it was our recommendation!" and he goes out and introduces us to another restaurant.

The woman did her best to tell us about the favorite haunts of the young locals and the stores that held fond memories for her during her school days.

The master who made me the best ISE inspired cocktail in response to my reckless request for an Ise-like drink.

The couple who owns a confectionery shop who did their best to remind us of the stores they recommended.

As I visited some restaurant and shop in Ise, I found not only delicious sake and delicious food, but also very often I was touched by the warmth of the people who live in Ise.

These may never appear in guidebooks or social media.But I believe that the warmth of the people of Ise that you encounter is the best attraction.

The role of a hotel in Ise.

People tend to think that the role of a hotel is to provide a place to sleep. However, I strongly believe that it is also the role of a hotel to propose that people to go out and experience and discover charms of the place.

There are definitely places in Ise that you do not know about yet.
Just as we did, we want our guests to find your own unique charm.

Ise – Whole New Way.

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